What is the DStv THANKS programme?

The DStv THANKS programme runs all year round and gives qualified customers the chance to get four bonus channels for staying connected for 90 days in a row. Limited offers feature bonus offers that run for a specific time period. Starting October 2017 we are offering The Good Life limited offer, seven days of sports channel upgrades for customers who pay on time.

FAQs: the DStv THANKS programme

  • What are the four rewards channels?
    • Zee Bollymovies (Ch 114) brings you a mix of classic and contemporary movies filled with drama, dance, music and fashion.
    • Nina TV (Ch 143) offers the romance, passion and suspense of the best African and Brazilian telenovelas.
    • Viasat Life (Ch 177) brings you stories with heart and passion and about people believing in and achieving their dreams.
    • Trigger (Ch 188) delivers general entertainment for the guys packed with action, sport and more.
  • How do I qualify for DStv THANKS rewards?
    If you are a DStv Premium, Compact, Compact +, or Family and Access customers who has been continuously connected for a period of three months or more you qualify for DStv THANKS rewards.

    If you disconnect or miss a payment, you’ll have to reconnect and stay connected non-stop for three months before you can start enjoying them again.
  • What happens if my payment date changes?
    Don’t worry: our system will automatically adjust to any changes in payment date. If you are affected by this, give us a call or visit your nearest MultiChoice branch and we’ll look into it.
  • I accidentally made payment to the wrong account
    If you accidentally give us the wrong account number or face a delay with your payment method, call our contact centre [insert call centre number] immediately or visit a MultiChoice branch so we can get things back on track.
  • Do I have to pay to get DStv THANKS?
    Nope. All you need to do is make sure you stay connected non-stop for at least three months.

    Once you qualify, your rewards will be automatically loaded; you don’t make any adjustments to your decoder but it might need to be reset.
  • I live outside of South Africa, but I have a South African DStv account. Do I qualify for DStv Thanks?
    You only qualify for DStv THANKS if you have a subscription from the country where you currently live. You can change your subscription by visiting your nearest MultiChoice branch.
  • Why are Madagascar, Sudan and South Sudan excluded from DStv Thanks?
    We are constantly seeking opportunities to add value to all our customers and therefore look at countries individually. Due to varying business and technically challenging reasons, these markets will not be included for now, but there will be more opportunities to include them in future MultiChoice programmes.
  • Is the offer available in Angola and Mozambique?
    We are working on a way to thank our Portuguese speaking customers in Angola and Mozambique. Watch this space. Abrigado!
  • Will the content from the exclusive DStv Thanks channels be available on DStv Catch Up?
    No, as Zee Bollymovies (Ch 114), Nina TV (Ch 143), Viasat Life (Ch 177) and Trigger (Ch 188) are an exclusive reward for qualifying subscribers, they will not be available on DStv Catch Up as this would mean everyone has access to them.

    However, if you have a PVR or HD decoder, you can record any of your favourite shows so you don’t miss out.

Limited offer: The Good Life

  • Am I eligible for the current limited offer?
    Active DStv customers on Compact+, Compact, Family and Access who have paid for their MONTHLY Subscriptions on time (before their monthly subscription comes to an end) are eligible for The Good Life limited sports upgrade offer.
  • What does a free sports upgrade mean for me?
    If you are on a DStv Compact or DStv Compact Plus customer
    Pay on time and view all Sport channels available on DStv Premium for a week after the payment.

    If you are a DStv Access / DStv Family customer
    Pay on time and view all Sports channels available to DStv Compact for a week after the payment.
  • What must I do to get the free week of sports upgrade?
    1) Be an active monthly subscriber.
    2) Pay monthly subscription fee on time (before the subscription runs out).
  • I have an annual subscription, do I qualify for this offer?
    This particular offer is only for monthly subscribers. Please be assured that we’re constantly introducing even more exciting rewards for loyal customers who continuously stay connected to DStv. Please keep watching this space.
  • If I pay for my subscription months in advance do I qualify for this offer?
    Yes. Any customer who pays for their active subscription for multiple months in advance will get one week of extra sport for each monthly subscription paid in advance. For example: If you pay for six months in advance you will get six weeks of free sport upgrade as well.
  • Which channels will I be able to watch?
    All sports channels on the DStv Premium package will be available to DStv Compact+ and DStv Compact for a week.

    All sports channels on the DStv Compact package will be available to DStv Family and Access customers for a week.
  • When should I expect my upgrade to begin?
    The upgrade will be activated once you have made your DStv payment (only if it is by the due date). Please allow for two-three days for our system to be updated so that you can receive the extra sports channels for a week.
  • What will I be able to watch during my sports upgrade week?
    DStv Family and Access customers will enjoy the best of European football titles with all the EPL action on SS3 along with La Liga for Access customers.

    DStv Compact+ and Compact customers will enjoy the UEFA Champions League action as well as the PGA Golf tour, Motorsport, Rugby tournament, MotorGP and a wide variety of sports disciplines available live and in HD on the Premium package.
  • Do I need to register to get access to the sports channels available through the sports upgrade offer?
    No, the channels will automatically be available to you. You just need to ensure that your subscription remains active, your DStv decoder is turned on and allow for two-three days for our system to be updated so that you can receive the extra channel for a week.
  • I have paid on time and waited three days but I still can’t see the extra sports channels
    You may have to reboot your decoder and if you still can’t view the channels, please contact our call centre.
  • What will the week of sports upgrade cost?
    This is a free offer. The channels will be available to you for a week, at no extra cost, after you’ve settled your active monthly subscription fee on time.
  • Why is the complimentary viewing only for a week?
    This offer is designed to thank you for being an active DStv customer and give you the opportunity to view and enjoy sport channels you don’t currently have. If you enjoy what you see, upgrade your subscription to a DStv Premium/ Compact package. Click here to view packages.
  • What will happen to my sports channels once the complimentary week ends?
    Once your week of viewing sports channels comes to an end, you will automatically return to your original DStv package’s sports channel offering.
  • I have Xtra view in my house, can I watch the extra sports on that decoder too?
    No, the benefit of extra sports channels will only be available to your primary decoder only.
  • I already have some rewards from the DStv THANKS programme, can I still enjoy this one?
    Yes, this campaign does not impact your other benefits such extra channels on DStv THANKS.
  • If I upgrade from Access/ Family to Compact/Compact+ during the week of extra sports benefits, will I be eligible for the Premium sports benefit?
    No, however should you stay on Compact and Compact+ and pay on time for the following month, you will then be eligible for the extra Premium sports benefit.
  • What do I need to do in order to continue to watch these channels?
    Please visit www.dstv.com or contact your nearest MultiChoice Call Centre for more information on how to upgrade for more sports, all the time.